The Appeal of Duo Escorts

As the old saying goes; two heads are better than one. Now, that phrase might mean something completely different on the escort scene than it does normally, but the fact remains that spending time with two ladies can be more enjoyable than spending it with one.

Duo escorts have become very popular in recent times. For some men, one girl simply isn’t enough. The idea of having two girls at the same time is one of our most primitive fantasies. As of right now, threesomes are in the top three male fantasies in the world, which goes a long way to explaining why duo escorts are such a popular service.

So, what makes the idea of two women at once so appealing?

Well, a single lady can only do so much, right? She only has one pair of hands and a mouth to service you with (or if you get an exceptionally skilled lady, maybe her feet too!), and sometimes, it feels good to have a woman hit multiple erogenous zones at once. With a lone escort, that might a bit of contortion on her part. But with two escorts? No problem.

Do you love the idea of having a sultry blonde working away with her mouth while an exotic brunette uses her skills in other areas? Maybe you’d like to make love to a fiery redhead while a petite mistress feels the warmth of your tongue inside her? To a lot of men, this sounds like total heaven – and it’s easy to see why!

A threesome is sometimes considered the holy grail of sexual encounters. A lot of men want to experience one at some point in their lives, but it can be difficult to transition into one naturally. In relationship terms, it’s not easy to introduce another partner into the equation for fear of feelings of jealousy, awkwardness and confusion. Luckily, for any men out there who crave the idea of some girl-on-girl action which they can join in with at any moment, Diva Escort has your needs in mind.

Even with the most confident men out there, when they’re presented with two gorgeous ladies who are ready to give them the night of their life, the man often assumes a submissive role. Two women working together in tandem implies a sense of irresistible confidence; something which can be difficult to find with a single escort. Because of the perfectly-toned, shapely bodies of most of the escort Ticino, many of them are too petite and beautiful to be considered threatening. However, when two of these beauties get together, a natural sense of dominance is formed. Something many Ticino clients find to be a huge turn-on.

Another phrase which we firmly believe to be true at Diva Escorts is that variety is the spice of life. While some men rigidly prefer their ladies to be either blonde or brunette, a duo of escorts allows a client to sample a type of escort they otherwise wouldn’t, while also enjoying a night with their preferred type of girl.

Escort duos tend to come to two different types. Firstly, there is the contrast duo. This consists of two girls who are strikingly similar in their physical appearance, while maintaining a single characteristic in common. For example, this could be two slim-waited ladies in their early twenties, but one might be a petite, perky blonde, while the other might be busty brunette with enhanced breasts. This is perfect for clients who are open to exploration with their preferred type of lady. If he’s a blonde kind of guy, a contrast duo will allow him the satisfaction of a night with an innocent-looking blonde, while at the same time sampling the delights of an exotic brunette. It’s the best of both worlds!

Alternatively, there’s the similar duo. This might be two curvaceous redheads with a penchant for domination. Both escorts will be similar in size, shape and symmetry, allowing the client twice the amount of pleasure he would usually receive at the hands of his preferred type of lady.

Many of the beauties at Escorts Guru identify as bisexual. This is very important for duo escort couples because attraction between two partners is necessary for the client’s overall satisfaction. This is why most of our escorts who offer a duo service do so only with certain other beauties. These are the girls who they feel comfortable around and have experience with, so it’s only natural they would work together.  It’s important that the two bisexual escorts are attracted to each other in order to make the date more memorable.

Before duo escorts begin appeasing the client’s needs, they usually tend to turn up the heat with each other first of all. The duo often grind themselves together or lightly caress each other, all for the client’s viewing pleasure. It lets the client know that the two girls are totally comfortable in each other’s presence and sexuality, giving the client to freedom to fully bask in everything the duo have to offer. It’s visual stimulation, which then is sure to progress to more physical activities!

For all of our ladies, client satisfaction is their most important priority. Helping a man achieve his ultimate fantasy is as rewarding an experience for the escort as it is for the guy. Having an all-round enjoyable experience for everyone requires every party to be as comfortable as possible. In most cases, it’s the client who has the nerves before a session, but it’s not uncommon for the escort to feel a pang of nerves too.

However, with a duo couple, the escort’s nerves are already quenched because of the presence of their sultry partner. The two girls work together to make themselves feel as relaxed as they can be, which then serves to relax the client.

So, how does one choose their escort duo?

Depending on the agency, most escort profiles have a section which details the ladies who are available for duo bookings. On Escorts Agency Johor Bahru, there is a section on each profile which says “Duo with”. Listed there will be the other ladies who she is comfortable in tag-teaming any lucky gentleman with. It’s as simple as that!

Whether you want two blondes, two brunettes, two redheads or any kind of saucy combination, Diva Escorts will certainly have the duo escort required to satisfy your needs. Our girls are matched only with others who they feel comfortable with, allowing an additional layer of excitement to your session. No two girls are randomly paired together as this wouldn’t create an enjoyable atmosphere for anyone involved. Only the greatest care is taken to ensure that the satisfaction of everyone, most of all the clients’, is ensured.