Nina the Movie Actress

The moment we pick up a career, we like it when we specialize in a particular thing. If we are actresses, we will rarely try our luck in the modeling industry. Reason being, we get so much occupied with our acting that we forget there are many other avenues we can give a hand in. Things get totally different when we are talking about Sabrina Sidoti. If you only knew her as a model and a magazine cover girl, you are up for a surprise. Are you a fun of sexy and romantic movies? Sidoti has a lot she has prepared for you.

The moment you hit the like or follow button on her account, you will see a list of all the movies she has been featured in. The best thing is, nobody can be able to contain Sabrina and therefore, when you see her on the movies, don’t think that she is doing it softly. Her goal in life is to make every man who looks at her go crazy and she never forgets even when she is acting. You will be glued to your TV watching and waiting to see her next move.

List of The Films

On the Nina’s resume on, you will find a list of all the films or movies she has been featured in. Some of these include: Beach Academy where Nina is featured as James Wong’s girlfriend. Her stage name is still Nina therefore, it will be very easy for you to identify her. The movie is produced by Summer Productions.

This is followed by Hello, She Lied. In this film, Nina appears as the waitress and therefore, she doesn’t have a stage name. The film is done by Private Productions and there is much more you will find from her.


It is not just the above listed films that Nina has been featured in. you will also find her on Bird Cage, where she appeared on the Beach Scenes. As you know, there is no scene that Nina loves than the beach scene. Therefore, this is a film you will definitely love.

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